Teaching with IIIF and Mirador

April 2 2020
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Dr. Benjamin Albritton of Stanford University Library leads a webinar tutorial offering tips and tricks for educators using IIIF content and the Mirador collections viewer in the classroom. During the session, Dr. Albritton refers to this document. https://benjamin-albritton.gitbook.io...
Benjamin Albritton (created by)
Albritton, Benjamin. "Teaching with IIIF and Mirador." April 2, 2020. Lecture delivered virtually by Zoom. MP4, 43:23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cOcMp6pjHY&t=16s.
Learn to Find and Use IIIF Content in the Mirador Digital Collections Viewer
Benjamin Albritton, Bibliographical Society of America