How (and What) to Contribute
to BibSite

BibSites accepts resources for the study and teaching of bibliography in the broadest sense of the term. The BibSite Editors welcome submissions of unpublished papers, datasets, syllabuses, lesson plans, lecture slides, image sets, and more.

You can submit two types of resources to BibSite:

Read on for more information about the types of submissions BibSite accepts, specific requirements for certain types of submissions, and the submission process. You can review the submission form following the links below. We urge you to read our overview of the submission process first!

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Submit Resources

Resources That You Have Created

Bibsite accepts contributions in the form of PDF files, .docx files, and .xlsx spreadsheets. Submissions, also called “Works,” may be submitted in any language. Some suitable works for BibSite include:

  • Conference papers and accompanying slides with commentary
  • Course syllabi
  • Teaching aids, worksheets, homework assignments and other pedagogical materials
  • Slides or image sets with commentary & complete image citations
  • Datasets as Excel spreadsheets
  • Supplements to a published work (such as a descriptive bibliography)
    PDF or XLSX

Specific Requirements for Images

Any images in a submitted Work must be in the public domain, or the contributor must have created the images themselves, establishing the intellectual property to license the Work to BibSite. Works must include source documentation for images; this can be a separate text file, or appear as captions on the image(s). Source documentation is a condition of publication of Works by BSA.

Specific Requirements for Supplements to Published Works:
Reference and Titling

Supplements should employ the arrangement and system of reference (e.g., item numbers) of the original work they augment.

Supplements should be titled using the formula: “Supplement to [Original author name(s)], [Original main title]: [additional information]”.

For example (a fictional work): “Supplement to De Ricci, Census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada: material acquired by the Library of Congress since 1962.” 

Please also include a bibliographic citation of the original work (and other known Supplements) as a Related Work when submitting metadata. For the fictional example above, the contributor would include:

De Ricci, Seymour. Census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York: The H. W. Wilson Company, 1935-40.

Bond, William Henry and Christopher Urdahl Faye. Supplement to The census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York: The Bibliographical Society of America, 1962.

If you are supplementing your own work, for example, providing images supplementary to a PBSA article, please follow the above guidelines without repeating your name as author.

Supplement to ‘Red Frisket Sheets, c. 1490-1700’.

Related work: Savage, Elizabeth. “Red Frisket Sheets, c. 1490-1700: The Earliest Artifacts of Color Printing in the West,” Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 108, no. 4 (2014): 477-522.

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Submit Resources

Resources Available Elsewhere on the Internet

As described above, BibSite will index existing websites useful for the study and teaching of bibliography. Linked content must relate to bibliographical topics as described in the “Bibliography Defined” page of the BSA website. We welcome all resources for the inclusive study of bibliography.

Anyone can submit linked content, which will be reviewed by the BibSite Editorial Board before posting. Either the owners of the content may request that BibSite remove the link, or the BSA may do so of its own will, at any time. Once submitted, the contributor of linked content does not have any rights or control over the link’s presentation or access.

Contributors submitting external websites for indexing are not required to complete the BibSite User License Agreement.

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Submit Resources

The Submission Process

Preparing Your Submission

Authors are responsible for copy editing their submissions. Errors in your submission are your responsibility, and we ask that you review materials carefully before submissions to avoid unnecessary re-submissions.

Please title your submission to make it suitable for citation. Make your title as descriptive and concise as possible by including what is important to your resource. It is generally useful to include the genre, subject, and scope of the work. Some examples from BibSite:

English Book Owners in the Seventeenth Century.
Cartobibliography of the Maps in 18th Century British and American Geography Books.
Lesson Plan: Introduction to Bibliography as a Relative Practice.

Processing Your Submission

The BibSite Editorial Team uses a Google Form and Google Drive Uploader to process new submissions to BibSite.

Preview the form as a PDF
Submit Resources

Follow the instructions in our submission form to submit either a resource that you have created for hosting or a resource available elsewhere on the internet for indexing. Anyone submitting material for hosting will receive a BibSite License Agreement for signature before their submission is posted via DocuSign. When signing the License Agreement contributors will have the opportunity to designate a Creative Commons license governing the use of their work. Learn more about Creative Commons licenses here. For help selecting a license, try the Creative Commons license chooser in beta.

BibSite submissions are edited and/or moderated according to the terms of our Moderation Policy.

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Creators’ Intellectual Property

Creators retain full ownership and all intellectual property rights to their Work(s) on BibSite, and contributors are solely responsible for the form and content of materials posted on BibSite. 

Creators are required to sign and abide by the BibSite User License when posting material to BibSite. Authors designate the rights they extend to those using their Works with the Creative Commons License of their choice.

Creators submitting Work(s) in the public domain are responsible for ensuring that Work(s) in the form being submitted is not under any intellectual property right, and they must take full responsibility for any potential violation by signing the BibSite User License. 

Work(s) may include content from the public domain. Contributors whose Work(s) include such content must complete the BibSite User License section indicating that their submission contains content in the public domain.

Updating Existing Submissions on BibSite

To update an existing submission to BibSite, simply email your new file to the BibSite Editors at The updated submission will be posted to the original URL of your submission within 14 business days. Updates to existing submissions are not re-moderated.

Removing Work from BibSite and/or Publishing Elsewhere

Creators of hosted are free to subsequently publish and share their own materials elsewhere on another website or in print. Contributors may write to the BibSite General Editor ( at any time with a request to remove or update their content. Such requests will be acknowledged and acted upon in no more than 14 business days.

Creators of indexed materials are free to ask that references to their resources be removed from or updated in BibSite. Please write to the BibSite General Editor ( at any time with a request to remove or update content. Such requests will be acknowledged and acted upon in no more than 14 business days.


The BibSite Editorial Board

General Editor:
Eric Ensley, University of Iowa

Emma Sarconi, Princeton University
Adriana Cásarez, UT Austin

BibSite is maintained by a volunteer board of editors. If you are interested in serving on the BibSite Editorial board, you can express your interest and/or learn more about this voluntary commitment to the General Editor by writing to BibSite Editors are recruited and onboarded annually as part of the Bibliographical Society of America's annual call for volunteers. Learn more here.