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BibSite is an open access digital repository for discovering and sharing bibliographical research and pedagogical materials.

The platform is designed for scholars, instructors, professionals, and students of bibliography, in the broadest sense of the term, to easily find materials that can further their own research, teaching, and studies. BibSite collocates resources from contributors and indexed from across the Internet in a way that makes all its materials more readily discoverable than stand-alone items posted on a personal or university website. BibSite’s extensive metadata for every resource enhances discoverability in a crowded world wide web and provides a persistent URL (or permalink) for each contribution so that BibSite materials can be accessed through citations indefinitely. The BSA is committed to maintaining BibSite as an ongoing service over time.

To learn about all the search functions in BibSite, visit our How to Use BibSite page.

People who study and work with textual objects can contribute their own work or index resources from across the Internet. Contributors can use BibSite to provide public access to their accumulated published and unpublished research. They retain all intellectual property rights to any resources they submit. They can submit revised and updated materials at any time—and indeed are encouraged to do so on an ongoing basis. If they so choose, contributors may also request that their contributions be removed from BibSite at any time (although BSA certainly hopes they will not opt to do so!).

To learn more about contributing resources to BibSite or indexing material available online, visit our Contribute page.

Catalog card from the Boston Public Library Rare Books and Manuscripts Department, via HathiTrust.
Catalog card from the Boston Public Library Rare Books and Manuscripts Department, via HathiTrust.

Terms of Use

BibSite functions as a service to bibliographers. That service is provided by the Bibliographical Society of America (BSA), and terms of use for BibSite are covered and governed by the BSA website Terms of Use. In sponsoring BibSite, BSA does not accept responsibility for the content of contributions and rejects or modifies contributions only in instances outlined in the BibSite moderation policy.

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