Cartobibliography of the Maps in 18th Century British and American Geography Books

This cartobibliography contains descriptions of approximately 6700 maps found in 470 books. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author/title, and each entry lists every map included in the book with the full title, dimensions, name(s) of any publisher, engraver or cartographer appearing on the map, and the page location within the work cited. There are three indexes: cartographer/engraver, geographic, and publisher. The ESTC [English Short Title Catalogue] number is also given with each entry. This resource is intended to enable scholars to locate hitherto unrecognized work of the leading cartographers/engravers of the period and, as each entry contains the entire list of publishers/booksellers, to aid researchers in the field of early publishing history. (The cartobibliography mirrors the list in the University of Kansas digital repository.)
Barbara McCorkle (created by)
McCorkle, Barbara. "Cartobibliography of the Maps in 18th Century British and American Geography Books", 2009. BibSite, Bibliographical Society of America.