Mapping Black London

The Mapping Black London digital project recentres and recovers the presence of people of colour across the city’s long history. Although Britain’s multiracial heritage is often seen as a post-war phenomenon, its capital has attracted people of African descent since at least Roman times. Mapping Black London offers new insights into this rich past, producing interactive maps, dynamic digital exhibits, curriculum material, and other educational content that allows users to encounter and discover the varied contributions made by Black people to the development of London. 
Nicole N. Aljoe (created by)
Oliver Ayers (created by)
Amouraé Bhola-Chin (contributed by)
Ellen Valente (contributed by)
Libby Collard (contributed by)
Odile Jordan (contributed by)
Andrea Kocsis (contributed by)
Tieana Graphenreed (contributed by)
Yana Mommadova (contributed by)
Juniper Johnson (contributed by)

Aljoe, Nicole, Oliver Ayers, et al, "Mapping Black London," 2020-Present.

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