Women's Print History Project

The Women’s Print History Project is a bibliographical database of women’s contributions to print during the long eighteenth century. 

Michelle Levy (created by)
Andrew Gardener (contributed by)
Joey Takeda (contributed by)
Catherine Winters (contributed by)
Michael Joyce (contributed by)
Jenn Ross (contributed by)
Colette Colligan (contributed by)
Melissa J. Homestead (contributed by)
Kate Ozment (contributed by)
Aylar Adeh (contributed by)
Isabelle Burrows (contributed by)
Caelen Campbell (contributed by)
Grace Chen (contributed by)
Kendal Crawford (contributed by)
Brenna Duperron (contributed by)
Belle Eist (contributed by)
Emily Elsasser (contributed by)
Bran Eveland Cron (contributed by)
Victoria DeHart (contributed by)
Hanieh Ghaderi (contributed by)
Reese Alexandra Irwin (contributed by)
Aliya Kazmi (contributed by)
Maja Lampa (contributed by)
Amanda Law (contributed by)
Rachel MacPhail (contributed by)
Sara Penn (contributed by)
Navi Rai (contributed by)
Hannah Smith (contributed by)
Tamanna T. (contributed by)
Angela Wachowich (contributed by)
Julianna Wagar (contributed by)
Naomi Stewart (contributed by)
Kandice Sharren (created by)
Kate Moffatt (created by)

Levy, Michelle, Kandice Sharren, and Kate Moffatt, et al, "Women's Print History Project," 2018-Present. https://womensprinthistoryproject.com/.

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