Building Better Book Feminisms

Recent years have seen a surge of interest in feminist bibliography, sparked primarily by work by Kate Ozment and Sarah Werner, drawing on a 1998 piece by Leslie Howsam in SHARP News. In this roundtable, the question of how to expand the field of feminist book studies takes precedence. What does feminist theory and methodology offer to all walks of material text studies? With participants coming from the fields of book history, bibliography, libraries and archives, the conversation will open with position statements about what better book feminisms might entail and expand into a discussion between participants and viewers about what makes this an attractive practice and the directions it needs to move in. Co-sponsored by Cornell University Libraries. Roundtable Participants: Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty, Associate University Librarian, Cornell University Leslie Howsam, Distinguished University Professor Emerita (History) at University of Windsor & Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Digital Humanities at Ryerson University Brenda Marston, Curator, Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University Library Kate Ozment, Assistant Professor, English, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Sarah Werner, independent scholar, Washington, DC.
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Howsam, Leslie, Kate Ozmet, Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty, Brenda Marston, Sarah Werner, and Erin McGuirl. "Building Better Book Feminisms." December 3, 2020. Panel discussion delivered online by Zoom. MP4, 1:02:23.