Treasures of the UCLA Library: Cuneiform Tablets (Part 3 of 5)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures graduate student Sara Brumfield recounts her experience working at the UCLA Library's Center for Primary Research and Training, where she described and translated two collections of cuneiform tablets: the Edward A. Dickson Cuneiform Tablet Collection (ca 2100-562 BCE) and the Cumberland Clark Cuneiform Tablet Collection (ca 2250 BC).

Dr. Brumfeld also demonstrates how cuneiform tablets were created with wet clay and a stylus, and discusses an exercise for student learning. Captioned in English.
Brunfeld, Sara. "Treasures of the UCLA Library: Cuneiform Tablets (Part 3 of 5)," YouTube Video, 00:04:00, October 12, 2010,
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