Hue’s Clues: Understanding Book History through Paper Color Analysis

Moving Image
This video, funded through a Peck-Stacpoole grant, is part of BSA's Community Content for Teaching and Learning Series. 

This video provides a detailed demonstration of the Coloring Book tool's functionality. Viewers will learn how to locate IIIF manifests, which act as digital representations of books that can be seamlessly plugged into the tool to reveal the color profiles of every page, side-by-side. After reviewing how to input relevant book details, the presentation will pivot toward the fascinating realm of paper color analysis. In particular, it will highlight how the color profile of each page can serve as a window into the book's past. By closely examining the color variations and patterns revealed through the tool, viewers will gain insights into the book's production history. The presentation will illustrate how the data can uncover if a book was printed in two different shops, indicating potential differences in production techniques. Furthermore, the demonstration will explore how color profiles can reveal if a single book was printed across multiple eras, illuminating the historical context and potential modifications of it over time.