Book/Print Artists/Scholars of Color Collective: Irene Chan, Devin Fitzgerald, Colette Fu, and Radha Pandey

November 20 2020
December 11 2020
Book artist Tia Blassingame founded The Book/Print Artists/Scholars of Color Collective to build community and collaborations with BIPOC book/print practitioners and scholars. The Collective represents a growing community of more than twenty book artists, scholars, librarians, papermakers, letterpress printers, printmakers, and curators. All are passionate about book history, print culture, and the endless potential of artists' books as vehicles of social change and cultural conveyors that uplift our communities, and tell our stories, histories.
This is the second in a series of three events generously funded by David Solo featuring presentations and discussions by Collective members. In this session, four members of the collective will share their artwork and scholarship. Presenters and their topics are: Irene Chan will share images and talk about her artist books with performance on topics of the immigrant experience, forgotten histories, and personal storytelling.

Chan is a multidisciplinary artist who works conceptually in print media, papermaking, installation, storytelling performance, and book arts. 
Devin Fitzgerald's talk will introduce the three major traditions of woodblock printing in 21st century China. 
Colette Fu will introduce her ongoing series of pop up books that she's been working on since 2008 about the ethnic minority groups of China. 
Radha Pandey will present a short sampling of her work, ending with her latest project on Mughal floral botanicals and the colonialization of plants by the British and how that changed the aesthetics of the book and our relationship with nature. Currently, Radha is working on an artist book inspired by Mughal floral portraiture from the 17th century, for which all the paper will be hand made in the traditional Indo-Islamic style.
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Chan Irene, Devin Fitzgerald, Colette Fu, and Radha Pandey. "Book/Print Artists/Scholars of Color Collective." November 20, 2020. Lecture delivered online by Zoom. MP4, 1:00:10.
Book/Print Artists/Scholars of Color Collective: Blassingame, Hairston Doughty, Nishikawa, & Small
Tia Blassingame, Ashley Hairston Doughty, Kinohi Nishikawa, Curtis Small, Bibliographical Society of America