Supplement to ‘Red Frisket Sheets, c. 1490-1700′

2015, 2017
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This checklist includes all known early modern frisket sheets that are known as of 1 April 2017. The majority are reproduced, almost all for the first time, and their three uses (manuscript/printer’s waste for one text; frisket sheet for red printing for another; and binding scrap for a third) are briefly indicated if known. It updates the list in the appendix in Elizabeth Upper, “Red Frisket Sheets, c. 1490-1700: The Earliest Artifacts of Color Printing in the West,” Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 108, no. 4 (2014): 477-522.
Elizabeth Savage (created by)
Elizabeth Savage (formerly Elizabeth Upper), “Supplement to ‘Red Frisket Sheets, c. 1490-1700′,” 2014; updates: 2015, 2017. BibSite, Bibliographical Society of America.